1984: Werner Bürck Sen. founds with the current shareholder Werner Bürck Jun. the company: Bürck trading & recycling Ltd. Additionally the company expands into the field of glass recycling.

Under strict controls the selection of white and green glass is being processed and later delivered with a constantly modernizing system. In addition to the initially purely manual sorting, the process is gradually supported by modern technology and being improved.

In hand with the modernization the plant is supplementary being enlarged.

1990-2000: By using the latest technology the sortation of waste glass can be expanded and the annual capacity is increased up to 90,000 tons. Generally the recycling of materials and drop is gaining importance in society and importance in economy.
2000-heute: We can fully meet the constantly increasing quality requirements of our customers to their fullest satisfaction. Despite the increased requirements, the annual capacity is still augmenting, but currently nominalizing 100,000 tons per year. Through the use of our recyclables resources, we contribute to saving valuables energy and hence actively contributed to CO2 reduction. As a freight forwarder we can offer both: the preparation and logistics of glass waste.